I’m Callie Mc. 
Art Director and Designer powered by imagination and experimentation.

👋️ Also known as ©
👾 At Design Army®

For the past 9 years, I’ve spent time in both agency and in-house environments in Minneapolis, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and New York designing for global brands in fashion, specialty coffee, beauty, luxury goods, intelligence, and entertainment.

I focus on multimedia storytelling through concept dev, photo/motion direction, and brand design systems. My most notable work is seen in Blue Bottle Coffee’s special collaborations (New Balance, Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd), and Human Made), the CIA Museum, and Netflix docuseries Abstract: The Art of Design. My work is published in online spaces and featured by Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, and Smithsonian Mag.

I can be found experimenting in my design lab,︎︎︎Neptune Niner, and freelancing under the unicode moniker, ︎︎︎©, where I embrace mixed reality and uncharted ideation.




How do you spend your time?
In tandem with professional design, I partner with brands like The Arrivals, BONSAI, and Dagne Dover to create imaginative content and experiences for the wild world of digital media. I escape to the mountains every chance I get. And add to my growing collection of clothing hangtags.

Where do you find inspiration?
55% print material—publications, ripped wildpostings, packaging, collateral. 30% outdoors—architecture, nature, shifting daylight, streetwear. 14% other design work. 1% rocks.

What is your preferred state of mind?
Borderline bored—not overstimulated—with a clear sense of direction. This state of mind supports my imagination and fuels my state of play.

What keeps you going?
Curiosity for worlds other than my own. Good design. Solid conversations. The color in the brightest part of the tennis ball emoji 🎾. Cool footwear. And my partner’s championship (and his mean iced lattes).