John DuFresne, Professor Emeritus, AIGA Fellow 

“...I can easily rank Callie among the top one percent of the students/graduates I’ve encountered. The quality and caliber of her work speaks for itself. To top that off, anyone and everyone who knows, works with, or is introduced to Callie enjoys her captivating charisma and optimism. Her diligence, dependability, and follow-through are exemplary. I heartily endorse Callie for any position, venture, or endeavor she sets her ambitions to.”

Derek Sussner, Founder, ECD

“Callie is an energetic, enthusiastic, and thoughtful designer—and would be a wonderful addition to a creative team that’s focused on doing great work and doing right by their clients. (Oh, and her passion for throwback, retro sneakers is impressive!)”

Jessica Welch, Sr. Copywriter

“Callie’s eye for design is completely unique. I have never worked with a designer who sees and creates things in such an interesting and impactful way. In a creative group, she can hear your ideas and actualize them in ways that surpass what you envisioned. I cannot recommend Callie’s style and design work loud enough. She is a breath of fresh air after being stuck in a room stale with helvetica and canva templates.”

Stratton Lee, Sr. Project Manager

“...Time and time again, I saw Callie design elements that showed a client different perspectives that they didn’t know they wanted up until that very moment. She is a taste maker that challenges the curve of trends while fostering a unique spirit for every project she interacts with.”