Transmissions from Japan, Supportive Book Design

A culmination of work photographer Zach Leon made during his time living in Japan. 

The supportive design elements that live in the margins alongside the photography, the cover, and the bookending typographic pages are the elements I jumped in to create.

Various pulls to steer the design direction.

To inform the viewer’s progression while paging through, the indicator line was born.

Because of the minimal approach of the book, design takes the backseat and leaves the spotlight on photography. In instances like this, design calls to be light touch on flourish and high touch on intent and function.

Flipbook emulation to hit the indicator line home.

Picked up a face I’ve tried to work in every project since its release, Kobe by VJ-Type, and it finally paired nicely. Offset its clinical character with some Meltow Handmade action.

While the first run has sold out, join the waitlist here for a potential second.︎

© 2023 Zach Leon, Callie McLaughlin